My name is Cinzia Rognoni,
and I am an Event Planner.

I live in an amazing setting, surrounded by the hills between Lake Maggiore and Orta: two precious jewels, set amidst an area which is famous for its culture, tradition, fine wines and good food.

If I had to describe myself in a few words, I would say I am a person who loves life and always grasps its silver linings.

I was lucky enough to turn my greatest passion into my job: indeed, I dedicate myself to planning events, both private (especially weddings) and corporate. In both cases, I take care of every detail, from the first client meeting to the draft project, from the most creative and spectacular aspects to the technical and bureaucratic ones.

I traveled the world, which allowed me to grasp the many facets of reality and to appreciate its different nuances. Traveling abroad has taught me to manage the needs and expectations of every customer and to support them in setting up the event, fully respecting their native countries’ folklore and tradition.

I work with the best professionals, thanks to whom I have the opportunity to “move” all over Italy: my magnificent, picturesque Italy. Likewise, every area in ​​the world may be the setting where you make your dream come true!

My mission? See smiling, satisfied and joyful customers!

Relying on me means benefiting from a service that combines efficiency, speed, reliability and a typical Italian good taste. I will listen to you with utmost attention to fully understand your aims, and I will give you advice without ever putting your wishes aside.