THE WEDDING WITNESS, who can do it, his role and much more.

As if that weren’t enough, the bride and groom also have doubts about the choice of the best man and what to give him on their wedding day.

I am writing you some information hoping to help you.

1) In the meantime, you should know that the witness plays a very important role and not only on the emotional side.
The choice usually falls on the family for whom either the brother or the sister but the best friend / friend option is also widely used, it is certain that we should choose it based on its importance in our life.

2) Do you know that the role of the witness towards the spouses is also fundamental from a legal point of view?
Yes, because, according to Italian law, the person who will pass on the faiths to you and who will testify before the municipal and ecclesiastical authorities, will be the guarantor of your union and should support you in case of problems in the management of marriage skirmishes.
The point of view of the Church, on the other hand, is more sentimental, the witness will have to support us, share with us newlyweds, the joys and possible pains of the new adventure.

3) What are the characteristics of these important figures for our marriage?
First you must be of age and as regards the ecclesiastical ceremony, he must have been confirmed.

4) How many witnesses must there be?
For both types, two figures are still required today, one for Mr and one for Mrs., but it is now the norm to have two each.

5) What does the witness do?
Support is the password, in the case of the bride, the handkerchief always in the right hand and a relaxing herbal tea in the left, joking aside, both figures will have to take care of the organization of the bachelorette / bachelorette party, if it is not provided a wedding ring pillow with relative page, he will have to try not to lose the wedding rings and deliver them at the fateful moment to the celebrant.
It will be those who will sign the register confirming the promise.

6) What to give to witnesses?
It is a good rule that they receive a wedding favor that is different from everyone, more important. My task will also be to listen to the story of your relationship with them and help you in the choice of their gift that must surely come from the heart.
A nice thought will surely be to give them a couple of weeks before the wedding, an intimate dinner with you, all 6 or 4 together, to talk about your life in common until before that date, laugh remembering past adventures, be moved for the new life that starts.
A tip: take advantage of this evening to give them the favor, it will certainly be appreciated.

That’s it, I hope you enjoyed this in-depth study, and if you have any other questions, don’t worry, ask me, I’ll answer you.