Why is the wedding dress white?

How many of you have wondered? All I think, especially if about to get married.

If we could travel in time and go back even just to the 600s, we would realize that, speaking of a wedding dress, we simply meant a new and better dress than the others that, as a dowry, would have been worn several times in special moments.

It even seems to me that the first white wedding dress was even worn by Queen Victoria of England.

In her wedding in 1840 with Albert of Saxony, she was the first to choose the white color as a demonstration before the court and the people of her that she arrived at the marriage chaste and pure.

Someone, however, had maligned that he had been chosen, very wisely, to stand out from the crowd because of his tiny proportions.

So it was that, as often happens, all women to feel even a little princess or queen, began to follow this fashion.

And this is how traditions and sometimes legends are born.

And today?

Today the bride, based on her origin and above all culture, finds the approaching date of the event increasingly debilitating especially for the choice of the dress.

One morning she thinks that the dress she is wearing is the one she has dreamed of all her life, then, while browsing magazines or going online, she finds dozens and dozens of other dresses that could unseat the one she tried.

Our task as a wedding is to comfort them and, as far as I’m concerned, to keep them relaxed because, to suggest the most suitable for their figure, there will be the professionals of the chosen atelier.

In this specific moment, working alongside a style professional who knows the shapes well and knows how to enhance them, I am sure it will be the added value.

Contact me, let’s talk about your wedding and I’ll help you make it the way you want it.